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Division Head Welcome

Dear Middle School Families,

Welcome to the Boys Middle School. As you peruse through our web pages you will find here a plethora of information about who we are and what we do. The Boys Middle School is a variant, energetic and creative place. We help the boys to understand themselves as learners and as community members as we help them to be more resilient, responsible and adaptable in everything they do. Our faculty is dedicated to the development of middle school kids and are phenomenal at finding the teachable moments in and out of the classroom. They understand the important balance between teaching curriculum and teaching kids. Most importantly, we understand middle school boys, how they learn and how engage them in learning.

The best way to find out about the Boys Middle School is experience it in person so please come visit us and see why we think this is such a wonderful place.

Meadow Pepino
Head of Middle School
Faculty in the Middle School are experts in the different ways that boys learn and have designed their curriculum to support these different learning styles. 

~ Josh Budde, Head of Middle School for Boys

“Supported by the guidance and encouragement of our dedicated faculty, the young boys who enter our Middle School leave as confident, resilient, and independent young men, ready to take on the next challenge and manage whatever responsibilities and experiences that lie ahead.”
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