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emphasis on process over results

The mathematics program at SCH Academy aims to develop students’ problem-solving skills and logical thinking. At all ages, this is accomplished by applying standard skills and concepts to real-life applications as much as possible. We want our students to be willing and eager to tackle a new problem, regardless of whether it looks like one they’ve done before.

Middle School math emphasizes process over results as it exposes students to the fundamentals of algebraic thinking. While reinforcing basic arithmetic skills with fractions, decimals, and percents, we begin in 6th grade to use variables in mathematical expressions and equations, culminating in 8th grade with formal algebra and the solving of systems of equations as well as quadratic equations. We emphasize multistep problems to teach the importance of doing work on paper rather than in your head. Algebraic thinking is taught in the context of real-world problems rather than as discrete skills, which helps students grasp the relevance of what they are learning. Middle School students gain confidence and expertise in tackling multi-step problems and translating words into mathematical expressions while learning good processes along the way.

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