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Middle School for Boys


developing interpretive reading and analytical writing abilities

The abilities to read critically, to interpret figures of speech and characters motivations, to analyze narrative and poetic structures, to speak with conviction, to listen with empathy, and to write clearly and confidently are not only crucial to literature studies but also invaluable skills for understanding this ever-changing global community. Our English program is skill based but also fosters a lifelong love of reading whose foundation is an investigative, curious spirit and a desire at every turn to respond with the students own observations, beliefs, and analysis. SCH students graduate with the critical-thinking tools, the writing abilities, and the questing spirit that will make them confident to face whatever the world places in their paths.

In Middle School for Boys, the English program strives to solidify a lifelong love of reading and writing. We reinforce and build upon the boys’ reading fluency and comprehension, develop their interpretive reading and analytical writing abilities, and expand their grammar and syntax mastery so that they can successfully employ varying sentence structures in their own writing. The books we read are chosen both for their literary quality and for their appeal to a Middle School boy, from classics like The Old Man and the Sea, Romeo and Juliet, and Of Mice and Men to contemporary classics like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and A Long Walk to Water. The writing assignments embrace many genres, from essays and journal entries to short stories, poems, and graphic novels. Our boys leave the Middle School as budding analytical thinkers, critics, and authors with the confidence and the toolbox to help them thrive in Upper School English.