Middle Schools
Middle School for Boys


where boys explore academic and social issues

At the start of Middle School, each student is matched with an advisor who acts as an advocate and trusted mentor, serving as a liaison between the family and the school and playing a critical role in the day-to-day life of Middle School—academic, social, and personal.
Character development begins in Lower School with studying the values embodied in the five stripes on the boys’ uniform jerseys (courage, integrity, diversity, resilience, and thoughtfulness) and continues in Middle School as part of the daily advisory program, where boys explore academic and social issues with the support and guidance of their advisory group and its faculty leader. During weekly assemblies when the entire division is together in the chapel, we recognize exemplary actions and behavior and explore issues of ethics and character.
Building the skills and mental attitudes that enable our students to overcome challenges, take intellectual risks, persevere in the face of obstacles, find the positive lessons from failure, and be optimistic and empathetic are essential to a productive, happy, engaged life. Our school culture is grounded in school-wide mindfulness, regular discussions in advisories and classes, and special projects that help to cultivate these qualities. Students learn about resiliency in and out of the classroom. Through assignments and projects, on the athletic fields, and in advisory discussions, the benefits of these life-affirming skills are explained and their development encouraged.