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Middle School Activities

Activity Period
Middle School boys enjoy an Activity Period during the school day, once per 7-day cycle. When choosing activities, students are encouraged to try ones that are new or intellectually challenging to them. The offerings vary according to teacher/student interests and have included these favorites: Cooking, Mathcounts, Strategy Games, Jazz Appreciation, History of Rock and Roll, Rocketry, Science Olympics, School Newspaper, and History of Chocolate.
The Middle School has long believed in service to the local community. It is important that students know that there is a larger world beyond the confines of SCH Academy. All Middle School students take part in the community service program. Each boy performs service off campus once a cycle for a total of 7 cycle days. The school has ongoing relationships with local organizations, including United Cerebral Palsy Association, Friends of the Wissahickon, and Keystone Hospice. Boys also perform on-campus service for 7 cycles, helping to improve their community, including responsibility for the school’s recycling program.