Middle Schools

SCH Middle School teachers continue to challenge students to learn in powerful new ways, engage in active inquiry, hone skills of creative and analytic thinking, and celebrate the joy of discovery.

Middle School Highlights

Community and bonding through class trips
Learning from and experiencing the outdoors is an important part of the Middle School experience. Class trips punctuate the Middle School years, helping to build class unity and providing new perspectives on classroom learning. Many students cite their outdoor and trip program experiences as among their most memorable ones at SCH.
Honing skills and entrepreneurial thinking
Middle School students enjoy classes through the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL). These classes focus on specific 21st century skills and topics identified as important for college and employment, including leadership and ethics, interviewing and oral presentation, prototyping, coding, economics and finance, and research, data, and analysis.
Service learning opportunities to serve
Students build their sense of effectiveness and learn they are part of a larger community through opportunities to serve, both within and beyond the school.
Learning environments outside the classroom
Opportunities abound for Middle School students to try new pursuits—on the playing field, on stage, and in a broad range of learning environments. In this way, students develop the confidence to act and are empowered to use their intrinsic talents as artists, authors, musicians, scholars, scientists, “techies,” community activists ,and more.