Middle School

Middle School Library Services

Connecting ideas, Information, and People

The SCH library program contributes to the diversity of teaching and learning at SCH as librarians ...
  • collaborate with teachers to extend and diversify the scope of units and projects.
  • use technology to differentiate and diversify exploration and expression.
  • identify extensive resources for teachers and students for exploration, research, and project-based learning.
  • connect with students and share passions and resources.
  • help students choose books to build competency and encourage a joy of reading through reader’s advisory.

Our Middle School Program

Encourages and supports independent reading:
  • Reader’s Advisory—work one-on-one and in collaboration with classroom teachers to help students find books of interest at a comfortable reading level
  • Book Club activity
  • Traveling Book Cart/Booktalks
  • Book displays and contests
  • Create video book reviews
  • Coordinate author visits
Provides in-class and in-library instruction on the following:
  • Locating fiction and nonfiction in library
  • Searching for online resources to support individual interests and school projects
  • Evaluating resources for reliability, accuracy, bias, and currency
  • Note-taking citing sources
  • How to present project information
  • Digital citizenship/creating digital footprints
Additional library-based programming:
  • CEL: research/digital publishing
  • Philadelphia Reading Olympics
  • MS student newspaper
  • Spelling bee
  • Utilize social media to promote reading/student work: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Librarians collaborate with homeroom teachers and attend all grade-level, department, and division meetings to stay fully integrated into the academic and social lives of Middle School students.