Middle School

Advising Program


At the start of every school year, each student is matched with an advisor who acts as an advocate and mentor and serves as a liaison between the family and school. Advisors play an integral role in the day-to-day life of their advisees and oversee the experience of the whole child -- academic, social, and emotional. Faculty grade teams meet weekly to discuss student progress and ensure they are supporting the growth of the whole child. 

Advisory meetings occur regularly: 

  • Each morning begins in advisory to welcome students, help them prepare for the day ahead, celebrate important occasions, and share announcements. 
  • Students return to advisory every day for our Extra Help period. An important part of Middle School is teaching students to organize their time and materials, ask for help, plan ahead, and advocate for themselves. The Extra Help block provides time every day for students to practice these skills. They may remain in advisory to complete homework, meet with a teacher to ask questions and review material, or spend time in our wonderful library.
  • 5th grade students return to advisory at the end of the day for Closing Circle. This provides advisors a chance to check in with their advisees, discuss highlights from the day, and help them plan ahead for the next day.
  • Flex Period: Students have a longer advisory period that typically meets once or twice a month to focus on our AEIOU program. 
Our Middle School culture is grounded in SCH’s core values -- diversity, thoughtfulness, courage, integrity, and resilience. We are committed to building an inclusive community through our advisory curriculum called AEIOU: Awareness, Empathy, Inclusivity, Difference as Opportunity, and Understanding. In these lessons, students engage in real-world conversations to build empathy and understanding around topics such as identity, diversity, privilege, socio-economic status, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, being an upstander versus a bystander, and stereotypes, to name a few.
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