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Becoming efficient and effective problem solvers

The science curriculum offers students in every grade challenging and exciting learning experiences that help them develop the skills of scientific inquiry and an understanding of the laws, systems, and structures that define our natural world. Classes provide students with opportunities to use the most up-to-date equipment and technologies as they ask questions, design experiments, explore, collaborate, and become efficient and effective problem solvers. Our interdisciplinary curriculum integrates engineering principles in meaningful and relevant ways and asks students to quantify their work using appropriate mathematical and statistical tools and to use the arts and new media to model their work or creatively and richly display what they have synthesized.

Many of the course materials and activities are designed and/or assembled by the SCH Science Department to enhance and supplement available materials. Teachers are guided by the Next Generation Science Standards, PA Science Standards, the National Science Teachers’ Association, and local curricular materials. In addition, all divisions make extensive use of the surrounding Wissahickon ecosystem, as well as the schools green structures, as part of our dynamic, real-world-based curriculum.

Lower School girls experience science in many different settings, from designing and planting vegetable gardens outdoors, building and animating contraptions using a variety of simple machines in the science lab, to exploring habitats and learning about natural phenomena while doing field studies in the Wissahickon woods. Physics and engineering discoveries are made in our specially designed lab where our youngest students encounter firsthand the complex but tangible concepts that govern our physical world. We take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning by coordinating our science activities with homeroom and art units and supporting the development of literacy in our students.
Lower School girls experience science in many different settings.

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