Lower Schools

Lower School for Girls

Designed for a young girl’s way of learning

The Lower School for Girls program is tailored to each stage of a young girl’s development. Combining rigorous academics, a comprehensive social-emotional curriculum, technology-assisted learning, and multidisciplinary projects, the Lower School program for girls provides an excellent, supportive, and engaging introduction to the world of learning.

Service learning is another important cornerstone of the Lower School program where girls follow their passions and build understanding and empathy by becoming involved in projects that help improve the local community.

At SCH, each girl is valued, stretched, nurtured, and empowered to discover who she is meant to be. We work each day to ignite that spark, our students’ sense of self, as we teach to both their minds and hearts.

When Lower School girls move on to Middle School, they are ready to face new challenges and confident in their ability to meet them. 

Ernie, SCH parent

My daughter approaches each morning with unbridled joy in anticipation of a great day at SCH. There's no doubt that she is a more confident, more curious, and more compassionate girl as a result of the program and teachers that have nurtured her.