Lower Schools
Lower School for Boys



SCH Academy uses technology across all divisions to foster critical thinking and problem solving, to build competence, to connect people and communities, to solve problems by tapping into our students’ creativity, and to personalize learning, all combined with ongoing conversations about growing up digital and the implications for being a digital citizen.
  • Each Lower School boy has access to an iPad to enhance his learning experience.  
  • Boys in grade 5 are issued a MacBook Air preloaded with professional-level apps and a Google Apps for Education account.  

Technology in Practice

  • After experimenting to see how levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, wheels, and wedges can make work easier, third graders create animations on their iPads to show their knowledge about simple machines and post their work online.
  • Third graders study sound, in which they used the app BookCreator to keep a digital science journal.
  • Fourth graders keep a digital science notebook for their unit on Rocks and Minerals, using the app BookCreator, including taking and annotating photos of the hands-on activities they completed in class.
  • Fifth graders write/record 30-second public service announcements for radio about a water issue of their choosing using GarageBand, including adding original music their scripts.
  • Fourth graders use the app OSnap! to create stop-motion animations to culminate their Earth, Moon, and Sun unit.
  • Students participate in the “Hour of Code,” a global initiative to introduce students to programming and coding.