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Lower School for Boys


helping boys become mathematical thinkers

The mathematics program at SCH Academy aims to develop students problem-solving skills and logical thinking. At all ages, this is accomplished by applying standard skills and concepts to real-life applications as much as possible. We want our students to be willing and eager to tackle a new problem, regardless of whether it looks like one theyve done before.

Teaching of math in the Lower School for Boys follows the philosophy set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics that “mathematics is more than a collection of concepts and skills to be mastered; it includes methods of investigating and reasoning, means of communication, and notions of context. In addition for each individual, mathematical power involves the development of personal self-confidence.”

In Lower School, we help boys become mathematical thinkers with the ability to reason and communicate mathematically. We teach math concepts using age-appropriate themes and real-world contexts that help students develop a strong sense of number and mastery of numerical skills as they discover the interrelationship among our various curricular strands and the action of mathematical principles in the world around them. 

At each grade level, we teach concepts using manipulatives. At the same time, daily practice and reinforcement are stressed. Our lessons include whole-class, small-group, and individual work with an emphasis on problem solving. Exploration, both collaborative and independent, is encouraged, while regular homework helps to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. The curriculum includes opportunities for interested students to pursue additional math challenges through Continental Math and Math Olympiad. Both traditional and technology-based approaches are incorporated into all aspects of the math curriculum.