Lower Schools

Lower School for Boys

Programs tailored to each stage of a young boy’s development

Teachers embrace boys’ natural curiosity, providing learning opportunities that encourage them to move, explore, experiment, and interact physically with materials and their environment. Through meaningful, authentic experiences and a challenging academic program, boys become facile with technology and develop the leadership, communication, and cultural competency skills they need to be successful in our ever-changing world.

Because so much learning in Lower School comes through social interaction, the boys also learn the tools for working effectively with others. Within the framework of the respected social-emotional learning program Responsive Classroom, boys build the important relational skills that go hand in hand with and support their academic learning, such as cooperation, active listening, and respect for each other’s ideas and opinions.

By the time they graduate from Lower School, SCH boys have developed into confident students, eager to continue their learning and equipped with the fundamental skills they will need for the more sophisticated academic challenges of Middle School.

Bethany A. Meyer, SCH parent of four boys

My family has been part of the SCH Academy community for nine years. As parents of four sons, we have had 25 unique classroom experiences in those nine years. On 25 different occasions, my husband and I have sat down with teachers for fall conferences, and every single time we are amazed and reassured by how well each and every one of those teachers knows our children. We are confident that our kids are in capable hands. The teachers appreciate that trust because it frees them up to do what they do best and what they love most—focus on the children.