Lower Schools

Lower Schools at SCH

The Lower School divisions, comprising a Lower School for Boys and Lower School for Girls, give each child the opportunity to learn in an environment free from gender stereotypes. On both campuses, the faculty cultivate nurturing communities to support students’ emotional and intellectual growth.

Through meaningful, authentic experiences and a challenging academic program, Lower School students develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, and math. They begin their educational journey in leadership, communication, and cultural competency skills needed to navigate our ever-changing world.

Program Highlights

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  • A comprehensive outdoor program

    A variety of trips and outdoor adventures are offered through which Lower School students develop outdoor skills and build confidence and independence in the world around them. Our students gain a greater appreciation of the intrinsic value of nature. Trips are focused in four areas: Developing Outdoor Skills, Exploring the Wissahickon Valley Watershed, Broadening Horizons: Curriculum-Based Destination Trips, and Parent/Child Bonding: Building New Skills Together.

  • Project-based learning

    Project-based CEL learning experiences are integrated throughout the Lower School curriculum, helping to forge core 21st century skills such as effective communication, project management, critical thinking, problem solving, research, and data analysis. Projects present open-ended challenges, requiring students to use their creativity and collective knowledge in devising a solution. They encourage independent thinking and initiative as well as good teamwork.

  • Social-emotional learning

    Through research-based programs such as Responsive Classrooms and Second Steps, students build their social competencies, practicing cooperation, collaboration, assertion, and empathy. They learn the importance of character, citizenship, compassion, and other central values.

  • Using technology to enhance learning and communication

    Lower School students are introduced to a wide range of technologies including iPads and laptops in the classroom, as well as a diversity of design and presentation software. Using these technologies, students become adept researchers, content creators, and presenters during their time in Lower School.
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