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After Care & Enrichment Programs

Welcome to ACE

After Care & Enrichment (ACE) is located in the new breathtaking state-of-the-art McCausland Lower School, adjacent to the Wissahickon woods and playing fields, and has access to the many indoor and outdoor spaces.

Children who need to stay after regular school hours are some of the happiest at SCH Academy, thanks to ACE, which provides supervised childcare for students in grades Pre-K–5th.

While ACE provides a place for kids to relax or get a head start on their homework, it also offers a variety of free special interest clubs for all after care participants. There is no additional registration needed for these clubs, students can join any time they feel like it! 

Special Interest Clubs

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  • Free Play Mondays

    Our brand-new the McCausland Lower School Building provides students with many new and exciting areas to explore (weather permitting, outside and in)! Free Play Monday lets students choose one of the play spaces they would like to explore and make new friends!
  • Drama Club Tuesdays

    Drama Club is designed with the creative student in mind. SCH Players (US Students in the SCH Theater Program) will work with Lower School students, practicing improv activities, imaginative play, and short plays to help them build self confidence as well as confidence with others, all while having fun!
  • Workout Wednesdays

    Workout Wednesday is designed to be a fun and engaging way for students to release some energy! From Zumba to no-contact Kickboxing to boot camp, students will learn how to work out and have fun at the same time!
  • Builders Club Thursdays

    This club is for students who love to build! Students will have access to different types of mediums (legos, wood blocks, k’nex, and more) to build all sorts of cities and scenery.  Each week will bring a different challenge that students will have to respond to by mastering a building project. 
  • Fun Fridays

    Every Friday will have a fun activity for students to participate in. It may be a messy activity, an experimental activity, creating something cool or anything in between! Some Friday’s may feature our Summerside Camp favorites to teach a cooking activity, explore the robotics lab, learn archery, and more! 
  • SCH Fan Club

    This fan club is designed for students to support our Upper and Middle School athletes by attending home games! We’ll be out there cheering if there is a game on campus between 4-5 PM..

Enrichment Classes

In addition to our year-round afterl care through ACE, SCH Academy is pleased to provide the community with a variety of courses to entertain and enrich our students’ lives. Classes are open to all SCH and local community students in grades Pre-K through 5. Classes are offered three times a year—fall, winter, and spring—and include fun, kid-friendly offerings, such as cooking, drama, LEGO League, the arts, and sports.

Fall Enrichment Programs are now in session! Please see start and end dates below:
  • Rates range from $150 to $250 depending on the number of weeks.
  • Most Enrichment Programs run from 4-5pm, there is no charge for after care before your students program

Action Karate (PK - 5th) - Oct 7 to Nov. 18
Gardening to Grow (K - 2nd) - Sept. 16 to Nov. 18

Hand build with Clay (1st - 3rd) - Sept 17 to Nov. 19
Top SCHef (3rd - 5th) - Sept 17 to Nov. 19
Jr. Competitive Sports League (2nd + 3rd, 4th + 5th) - Sept 17 to Nov. 19
Jr FLL (Girls 1st - 4th) - Sept 17 to Dec. 3
Squash (1+2) - Oct. 1 to Nov 5

Yoga (PK - 2nd) - Sept 18 to Nov 20
Jr. FLL (Boys 1st - 4th) - Sept 18 to Dec 11
Squash (3rd - 4th) - Oct. 2 to Nov 23

The FUNdamentals of Dance ( PK - 1) - Sept 19 to Nov. 21
Chess: The Knight School  (1st - 5th) - Sept. 19 to Nov 7
Squash (5th - 6th) - Oct. 3 to Nov 7

Blue Devils Flag Football (3rd - 5th) - Sept 20 to Nov 22
If you Give a Kid a Cookie (PK - 1st) - Sept 20 to Nov 22

These Enrichment Programs are offered, but not guarunteed depending on enrollment.

Center Hours

3:00 to 6:00 pm

  • We ask families to be prompt in picking up children.
  • Late fees will be charged for parents arriving after 6:00 pm.

2019-20 After Care Rates

Full year, 5 days/week: $3,265
4 days: $2,800
3 days: $2,310
2 days: $1,680
1 day: $875
Drop-in Rate: $25

For tax preparation, SCH Academy's tax ID# is 23-1352681.