College Counseling

Graduation Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

Students must earn a minimum of five credits a year in the core disciplines of English, math, language, science, history, and engineering, or other designated core courses. Students must carry five core courses each semester.

A student earns one-half academic credit upon the successful completion of one semester of work and a full credit upon completion of each full-year course.

Four-year academic graduation requirements

CLASSES OF 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

English 4 years
Math  4 years
Language 3 levels of a foreign language
Science 3 years (one year each of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)
History 3 years 
Arts 3 semesters (2 are in 9th grade) 
Entrepreneurial Leadership
2 years (9th and 10th grades) 
Life Issues 1 quarter required in 2017-2018 for 9th grade
Athletics 9th, 10th, and 11th grades: 2 requirements each year; 12th grade: 1 requirement

Kathleen Foley, SCH Graduate

My college counselor was very helpful and was almost like a big safety net. When my parents or I were unsure of something, I could rely on my counselor to supply the information. She kept a friendly atmosphere, which was very comforting in stressful times.

Non-departmental, Non-credit Requirement Hours

The following do not carry any credit but must be passed by coursework and/or by attendance in order for students to graduate:

Athletics* Grades 9, 10, and 11: 2 sports or 1 sport/1 PE – required
Grade 12: 1 sport or PE required
College Counseling Grade 11: Full year
Grade 12: Half year (1st semester)
Senior Speech Seniors are required to give a speech to an assembled  school gathering.
Senior Project
During the month of May, seniors must participate and complete
approved projects of their choice away from the school campus.

course catalog includes information about course selections; students should be aware of the credit system when they are choosing their courses each year.

*Please see Athletic section for detailed information.