About SCH

An independent school with a bold educational vision

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy’s educational model is distinguished by single-sex education for the lower grades (Pre-K through 8) followed by a coed Upper School. This unique structure expresses SCH’s belief in the benefits of single-sex academic instruction in the lower and middle grades and recognition of the value of coeducation in a student’s final preparation for college and beyond.

Through this unique structure, SCH is able to offer age-appropriate learning environments for every stage of a child’s social and intellectual development. Faculty in the Lower and Middle Schools are experts in the different ways that boys and girls learn and have designed their curriculum to support these different learning styles. 

SCH's Pre-K–12 program is informed by what today’s students need to thrive in college and beyond and is supported by nearly 300 combined years of academic leadership in boys’ and girls’ education.

Through a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum grounded in project- and passion-based learning, SCH students build resilience and a sense of agency while gaining an unparalleled intellectual foundation for lifelong learning and growth. Students who attend SCH experience a robust, state-of-the-art academic program, and a nurturing community led by a dedicated, passionate faculty intently focused on preparing them for their future.

We Are SCH

We Promise

  • We will welcome you into a joyful learning community bonded by trust, mutual support, and respect. 
  • We will nurture your quest for self-understanding, meaning, and purpose. 
  • We will encourage your pursuit and mastery of knowledge, as well as a healthy humility and openness to what you do not know.
  • We will teach you values and the importance of character as well as intelligence.
  • We will prepare you to make a positive difference.
Mailing Address: 500 West Willow Grove Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118
Main Reception: 215-247-4700    |   Campus Security: 267-246-8427
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